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Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW) includes products that we purchase and use every day in our homes that can harm us or the environment if they are not handled properly. If the label says poison, hazardous, flamable, or toxic then it should most likely be disposed of at a community HHW event hosted by your local municipality or county. Below are some common household products that should be disposed of properly either by donating, through a take-back program or at a HHW event. More information can be found on the State of Michigan's website.



NEVER dump cleaners, paint, fertilizers, pesticides or other materials down a storm drain, on the ground or into your septic system. Storm drains flow directly to the river without any treatment and materials on the ground seep into soils and can contaminate the groundwater supply.


Some nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity take donations - but always check with them first.

Paint Stains Electronics


Check with your local car repair, hardware store or police department to see if they offer a take-back program. If they don't take these items to your local HHW event.

Used vehicle oil, transmission fluid and brake & power steering fluids Fluorescent light bulbs Batteries Unused medication Fertilizer
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Good on the left - BAD on the right: excess paint or wet concrete poured down the storm drain which goes right to the Rouge River.


If your household hazardous waste cannot be donated or there is not a take-back program it should be disposed of at a local household hazardous waste event that is usually coordinated through your community or county. The below items are just a few that should be taken to a HHW event. For a full list check the State of Michigan's website.

Used vehicle oil, transmission fluid and brake & power steering fluids Fertilizer Pesticides Antifreeze Windshield washer fluid Paint Stains Cleaning supplies Car batteries Used rags with vehicle fluids on them gasoline Kerosene Fluorescent light bulbs batteries Computers & TVs
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Dispose of paint, used vehicle fluids,
fluorescent light bulbs and unused fertilizer
at your local household hazardous waste event.

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Check your communities website to see when
the next HHW collection event is scheduled.

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