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Report Illegal Dumping

You are the eyes and ears in your community! If you see someone dumping anything in the river, on the side of the road or even down the storm drain on your street, report it to your community’s pollution hotline. Things that should be reported include: dumping to lakes, rivers or streams; unusual discharges from pipes; foul odors; or even a large number of dead fish in waterways. If your answer to the below questions are "yes" you should report to your local municipality so they can investigate.



Does the pollution seem "not the norm" and maybe different from how things are typically disposed of.


Some chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers have a strong odor and may even burn your eyes, mouth or nose. This is a sign of illegal dumping that should be reported.


Do you see an odd-colored discharge or sheen from a pipe going into the river or do you see dead fish or animals in the vacinity of the pollution? How about dead grass or plants around the pollution? You may also see a pipe discharging foam or solids. These are all signs that should be reported to your local community for future investigation.

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Good on the left - BAD on the right: excess paint or wet concrete poured down the storm drain which goes right to the Rouge River.


Most people that dump things illegally know what they are doing and attempt to be secretive in their actions. You may hear or see a truck pouring something into a sewer, river or on the side of the road late at night. Have you seen someone dumping barrels, cans or bags at a site where it should not go like an alley, river or empty lot and then driving away? These types of activities should be reported to your local community for followup.

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Dumping your yard waste on the side of the road,
seen here, or in the woods is illegal. It is much easier to
put it at the end of your driveway to be picked up
by your local community.


Michigan's Pollution Alert System - 800-292-4706 Wayne County - 888-223-2363 Oakland County - 248-858-0931 Washtenaw County - 734-222-3800 or on their website Macomb County - 877-679-4337 or through email St. Clair County - 277-504-SWIM
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Report suspicious items to your local community.

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