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Practicing healthy habits in your business not only protects water quality, it brings personal satisfaction whether you are the owner, an employee or a patron of a business. Healthy habits promote a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers and the Rouge River. Healthy habits make it easier and less costly to prevent pollution than to endure the expense of cleaning up a spill.  Follow the below recommended activities to protect the Rouge River, save money and make a healthy environment for your employees and patrons. More information can be found on EPA's website.

Business owners check out the ARC's new brochure on Best Management Practices for businesses in the Rouge River Watershed!



Maintain suitable loading dock and dumpster areas to prevent the potential for spills and leaks. Maintain landscaped areas, including picking up trash, to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering the Rouge River. Install rain gardens on your property, they are attractive and their deep roots slow runoff and provide filtration before stormwater enters the Rouge River.


Keep paved surfaces clean by routinely sweeping parking lots to pick up trash and debris to reduce pollution reaching the river. Immediately clean up any spills and leaks from vehicles, dumpsters or equipment. Properly clean equipment to reduce runoff of pollutants. Dump all washwater from buckets and floor washing machines in an indoor drain not a storm drain in your parking lot. In winter months when applying salt to sidewalks and parking lots don't over-salt. This can cause piles of salt in the middle of the road, parking lots or walkways. When unchecked, this can contribute substantially to increased chloride entering our waterways through storm drains.
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Install rain gardens on your business property which
are attractive and slow runoff before it enters the Rouge River.

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Don't allow material or trash to go down
storm drains which leads to our lakes and rivers.


Make sure you keep an inventory when storing and handling materials. Store fluids in a designated area which includes secondary containment in case the original containers leak. Recycle or dispose of wastes properly.


Provide training sessions or informational materials to educate employees on the proper disposal and pollution prevention practices for the business. Education creates a safer workplace and reduces the potential for legal problems and fines.
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Store wastes using secondary containment
and recycle or dispose of them properly.

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Train staff on the proper disposal and
pollution prevention practices.

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